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Highland Angus Steakhouse


We boast over 18 starters to choose from


Chilled Melon


Prawn Cocktail


Chicken Liver Paté


Grapefruit Cocktail




Egg Mayonnaise


King Prawns in garlic butter parsley


Deep Fried Garlic Mushrooms


Avocado pear vinaigrette


Smoked Salmon


Avocado and Prawns


Hors d` Oeuvres


Avocado and Crab Meat


Deep Fried Camembert











Mittite Kofte


Meat Dolmades


Vegetarian Dolmades


Deep Fried Kalamari



Soup of the day




Scotch broth



Spaghetti Bolognese

£6.50 / £8.95

Spaghetti Napolitana

£6.50 / £8.95

Lasagne Pasticciate


Vegetable Lasagne



Sirloin Steak


Porterhouse Steak 10oz-285g


Rump Steak


Grilled Chicken


Large Rump


Fillet Steak


English Lamb Cutlets


Veal Chop


T-Bone Steak Approx. 18oz - 510g uncooked weight


Rib Eye steak 10oz

All steaks approx 8oz - 226g uncooked weight. Larger portions available on request.

Veal Dishes

Escalope of veal Highland

£14.25 Fried in butter with Marsala wine, sliced mushrooms and fresh cream.

Wiener schnitzel

£13.95 Fried in matzo meal, garnished with capers lemon and anchovy.

Escalope of veal Meuniere

£13.95 Slowly fried in butter and lemon.

Escalope of veal Cordon Bleu

£14.95 Pan fried, stuffed with ham and cheese.

Chicken Dishes

Highland Chicken

£10.50 Breast cooked in butter, sliced mushrooms, cream and sherry.

Chicken Chasseur

£11.50 Breast topped with chasseur sauce, chopped mushrooms and wine.

Chicken Kiev

£11.50 Breast stuffed with garlic butter and parsley fried in breadcrumbs.

Cordon Bleu

£11.50 Stuffed with ham and cheese, pan fried.

Chicken Princess

£11.25 Breast fried in golden breadcrumbs, garnished with asparagus tips and mushrooms.

Fish Dishes

Dover Sole *

£26.95 Grilled or meunier.

Scampi Provencalé

£13.95 Fried in butter with garlic and provencalé sauce, served with rice.


£12.45 Fried or meunier.


£10.95 Fried fillet of Plaice.

Halibut Steak

£16.45 Grilled or meunier.

Salmon Steak

£11.95 Grilled or poached.

Sea Bass

£17.95 A whole sea bass char grilled.

King Prawns

* Subject to availability.

Mediterranean Specialities

Lamb shish served with rice and salad

£12.95 Grilled cubes of lamb skewered and charcoal grilled.

Grilled Kofte

£10.95 Minced lamb prepared with onions, herbs & chargrilled. Served with rice and salad.


£10.50 Aubergines, courgettes, potatoes, onions, peppers and minced lamb topped with a special recipe sauce. Served with rice and salad.


£13.50 Knuckle of lamb oven roasted. Served with rice and salad.

Chef's Specialties

Beef Strongonoff

£18.95 Diced fillet steak, mushrooms, onion, lemon juice, paprika and fresh cream. Served with rice.

Steak Diane

£16.95 Fried in butter with chopped onions, mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce and flamed.

Tornado Rossini

£19.95 Fillet steak on toast, with pate and topped with sauce.

Fillet Gordon Rouge

£19.95 Fillet steak, sliced almost in two, cavity stuffed with pate and bound with bacon.

Highland Angus Special

£17.50 Rump steak served with french fries, grilled tomatoes and deep fried onions

Mixed Grilled 'Maison'

£20.95 Assortment of steak, lamb, liver, bacon and sausage.

Entrecote au poivre

£16.50 Fried in butter with crushed peppercorns.

Entrecote Chasseur

£16.50 Chausser sauce, chopped mushroooms and wine.

Calves Liver

£15.50 Served with french fries, grilled tomatoes and saute onions.

Veal Aurora

£14.95 Thin slices of veal, cooked with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms in wine, brandy and cream.

Beef Kebab

£19.95 Cubes of fillet steak served on a bed of rice and salad.

Chicken Kebab

£19.95 Served on a bed of rice and salad.

Side Vegetables


£2.45 Sauté, new boiled, jacket or French fries.

Petit Pois


Mash Potatoes




Grilled Tomatoes














Cauliflower with cheese


Deep fried onions


Side Salads

French mixed salad


Avocado, onion and cucumber salad


Tomato and onion salad


Large house salad for two





Steak Diane




Black peppercorn

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